Productivity: tips and resources

One thing in business that can really help determine your success is how productive you are.


According to productivity is a measure of the efficiency of a person, machine, factory, system, etc., in converting inputs into useful outputs.

Is anyone else thinking time spent wisely? So, would you say productivity is how WELL you spend your time? I would!


Let’s say you have 3 Facebook posts you need to create and schedule for the week. Your output is the completed posts being scheduled, yes?

And the ‘per unit’ would be by how much time it takes, are you with me?

So, how productive were you? Did it take you 3 hours to complete? More? Less?

I find when it comes to keeping on track and staying productive there are many different things you can do to increase your productivity.

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My tips:

Here are some of my tips to help those of you working from home (like me!) to stay productive:

  1. To-do list! Every week I go through my diary and set out all my tasks I need to complete each day. You can use online programs such as trello or Monday (see resources below) if you’re more of a digitally inclined person – truth be told, I use both – I love my stationery and putting pen to paper but I also like digitalising my client's tasks too.
  2. Think of the end goal – WHY are you doing this little thing called business? What do you want to achieve out of being your own boss?
  3. Vision board – I made a quick vision board using Canva (, it had pictures on it of a horse, house, money and an aeroplane with the US flag on it (we have family there and were planning a trip in the next 2 years). Then I set it to my desktop to look at every day.
  4. Turn off distractions! Smartphones & TV are the biggest culprits… but I know for me it can be challenging to switch off the phone when you’re a social media manager.


Different resources to help keep you on track that you may want to check out: – to-do lists… quite pretty to look at – to-do lists… a bit more structured (in my opinion) – an online diary or if you’re a Gsuite user google calendar is great too! – project management tool – a note-taking app that allows you to take notes anywhere – a time tracking program


There you have it! My quick little run-down about what helps me, and what I use in my business, in hopes that sharing may help you too.


Remember, if productivity is something that challenges you there are Virtual Assistants out there that can help you!


Together we grow and succeed 🌸



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