So, I am a businesswoman. An entrepreneur with drive! I am also a mum. My kids, I adore them! However, I have had something inside me itching to get out. A creative side, a mind that needs to be forever educated and learning, someone who wants to help others and a LOVE of business and women in business! Side note – men in business are great too, of course, but I’m not talking about them now 😛

How exactly did I get here? It wasn’t always this way. What’s changed since the start of my career?



I became a mum back in 2013. Prior to this, I had been working in corporate administration roles for a range of companies and businesses for the previous 10 years. So yes, I did already have the skills for business support, but I NEVER thought I would be a Virtual Assistant and working for myself some 6 years later!

Here comes baby! 

I was sooooo excited to have my first baby. I’d dreamt of being a stay at home mum for many many years to come! Throw all the crafty things at me that I did with my daughter, the outings and playgroup sessions. Better yet, I even enjoyed (probably more so than my daughter) watching the kiddie shows and WHAT an excuse to go back and watch all my Disney favourites!?

Something is missing?

Let me be very clear – I LOVED being a mum! However, 6 or so months into being home with this gorgeous little bundle, something was just… missing. I missed working. And using my brain! Oh my, there’s only so much baby babble one can take. And anyone else notices when you go to Mother’s Group or playgroups all you talk about is baby? UGHHHH!


Hi-ho it’s back to work I go! 

Without boring you too much with details I decided to go back to work earlier than the anticipated 12 months. In addition, and SHOCKINGLY to us – I was pregnant again!! Way to throw a spanner in the works and throw all our plans right out the window. In hindsight there is not a thing I would change about it now, our dino-loving son is the absolute light of our lives!

Fast forward 5 years…

Here I am, a stay at home mum to now 3 children and aching to get back into the workforce! I’d dabbled in business ownership before having our 3rd child. I underwent a Dog Grooming course and tried my hand at that. We then fell pregnant with our 3rd baby and I had to stop during the pregnancy. I was hooked in business land… THIS is what I wanted to do… be my own boss.

What now? 

But what could I do? What did I know? And what did I enjoy? It may come as a shock but, YES! Administration! I’d been doing it for years and bits and pieces for family and friends in between having the kids. I also knew dogs! I’d been a trainer of my own dogs for competition for years, obviously had the grooming thing in hand and knew that was the direction I needed to go.

Virtual Assistant! 

In conclusion, my title as Virtual Administration Assistant was born and I haven’t looked back! In case you didn’t pinpoint it, I specialise in providing support for pet business owners. Of course, I still work with other businesses that aren’t in the realm of the pet industry, but that’s my niche.

Crazy Mumma!

Ok, so a mum of 3, a business owner plus a casual job dog grooming…. “is she crazy!?” I hear you thinking. No, I’m not crazy! I’m driven, I have an excitement about all the things I could do. Unless you keep busy you WILL go crazy. Well, that’s me anyway! I am in awe of so many inspirational women, mothers or not, who have many different projects on the go. You know what? That’s ok! I’ve endured too much to waste my life thinking about what could have been.


If you’re thinking of starting your own business, please reach out… your idea may just work! And who better to help you on your way than a fellow businesswoman and Virtual Assistant!?