Your business brand is SO much more than just a logo! The thing is, logos are only a small part of your branding! I’ve worked with clients who have had their branding professionally done and I’ve worked with clients who have had next to no branding. I’m going to chat about the importance of branding and how you can make the most of it when it comes to your social media management.

So, what does ‘branding’ entail? A few things! And I am no graphic designer but I’ve been working in the social media business for 2 years now and I know what works. What doesn’t work is bland and stale images and content. Let’s break some of these branding elements down…

You are your brand!

It’s your business, right?! This is how you present yourself to the world. Online and in person. It’s in the colours you wear, how you present yourself and show up to your audience. Your particular voice, your values and your beliefs. How are you showing up and what language are you using?
These are all things to think about and be aware of.


  • What do you want your business to feel and look like?
  • What colours represent who you are and what your brand is?

If you have no idea and are just starting out (or if you’re considering a rebrand) a simple Google search for “Colour palette” will help you out. What colours pop out at you and how do they make you feel? How do you want your audience or clients to feel when they see your colours?

Why are colours so important? When it comes to social media, they help make your posts on your feed pop and stand out. Your graphics will look a tonne more professional when you stick to your brand colours. And by sticking to a colour ‘theme’ when people scroll through your content or your post appears in their feed, they recognise that it’s you.

Colours will tie in with the style of your images. What kind of imagery will you use in your posts? If you look at my IG feed you will notice I use a lot of flowers and the same colours throughout.

Finding your font

Picking and sticking to a few different fonts will help you achieve a professional look in not only your social media posts but your overall brand as well. I personally would suggest selecting AT LEAST 2 different types of fonts. Namely a heading font and body font.

Choosing a logo

This is where most people will start with their branding. And after rebranding my business myself before, it’s the LAST thing you need to worry about. Why? Because until you have your colours, fonts and style picked out how do you know what you want your logo to look like?

SO… once you have all of the above sorted out or at least some sort of an idea, I highly suggest reaching out to a graphic designer. If you already know this stuff they will thank you for it!

This is where I’m going to plug my own Graphic Designer, Caryn Rance of Firefly Graphics and Virtual Assistance. She’s designed some of my business documents such as my Professional Profile and Welcome Letter and I’ve also worked with her in designing some social media templates for clients of mine. She’s completely amazing and I’m so glad I’ve found her!
If you are a little stuck and not sure what you’re looking for, reach out and have a chat with her.


All of these elements will help you create your social media graphic templates. To create these, I highly recommend using software such as Canva.

So, why can’t you just post any ol’ thang?!

The truth of the matter is, you can. But if you throw in elements of your branding your feed is going to look and sound like you. Think about it this way, do you look at a businesses social media page/s and think that random posts look more appealing than a branded look? When it’s properly branded it looks more professional, easy on the eye and eye-catching. People recognise it’s YOU.

People buy from who they know, like and trust. Always keep this in the back of your mind.

That’s all from me today, if you have any burning questions about branding or anything related to your social media management I am all ears! (And fingers!) Email me at or head over to my Facebook or Instagram pages!

Remember, together we grow and succeed! 🌸